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Turning Page Bookshop, located in Goose Creek, South Carolina, is owned by the beautiful VaLinda and was initially born and raised in Washington DC. Turning Page Bookshop has been open for over five years and continues to serve its community with new and used books, book clubs, poetry readings, musicians, and community functions to fit every budget. VaLinda grew up loving literature and passed her love of literature down to her family, and promoted her love of books and literacy in her community.

VaLinda enjoys partnering with local schools to stretch further the importance of reading to children. Per VaLinda, a simple task can be taking a step away from the television to take a look into the book. GIVE THEM CHILDREN A BOOK and start them on something that they like. Many new children's books and classic children's books can build a child's relationship with their family, explore things beyond the television, and increase their confidence level.

Friends of South Carolina Libraries is a statewide organization created in the late 1980s to help foster, design, and support local Friends of the Library groups and provide networking opportunities for these groups to support South Carolina's library services. Turning Page Bookshop encourages a relationship with the local library; as a contribution will enable support to all libraries in South Carolina. This also helps provide free services, such as excel classes, free lunch during the summer, etc.

VaLinda further recommends teenagers who are new to reading or who love to read go back to the classics. Authors such as James Baldwin, Octavia Butler, E.B. White. Much inspiration from more unique YA authors (Angie Thomas, Tony Adeymi, Nic Stone) can be pulled from classics and provides nostalgia (everybody is obsessed with nostalgia, so don't play!) It's also the chance the connect classics to modern books, just a different period.

During the 2020 protest, many customers of different economic and cultural backgrounds came to support black-owned businesses. Many customers had no idea what they were shopping for. Many asked, "I wanna buy a book by a black author?" Linda's response was, "what do you want to learn?" to further the conversation and build that community connection. This provides customers with a broader scope to read and not being stuck in one genre and explore the diversity and skill of many black authors.

Due to COVID, Turning Pages have adjusted their store hours to serve the community better to ensure they follow COVID restrictions and offer free delivery within a 20-mile radius. This local bookstore also provides discounts to our Federal/State Government employees, Military, and Police/Firemen, especially if you can do a reading for children. Turning pages has a room specifically for children's books and love to get local community members involved by reading to children. Turning Pages Bookshop is also an excellent bookshop to connect with if you are a local author and promote the book yourself via social media or within the community. Furthermore, for those who love audiobooks, there is a way to support Turning Pages Bookshop with a membership through LIBRO.FM.

If you plan to visit Turning Page, be prepared to be asked. " What are you in the mood for? What do you like? What do you like to do?" All of these simple questions can be pointed towards your next favorite read!

Please find all social media, address, and contact information below!

Thanks for reading!

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